How secure is my card?

Our systems are highly secure. However, you should treat your card like cash. Always keep it on you, and don’t share your Account Code with anyone. If you lose your card, we can cancel it and send you a replacement (for a small fee).

Am I protected if my card is lost or stolen?

You should treat your card just as carefully as you treat the cash in your pocket.

If your card has been lost or stolen, please call Customer Services. You will need your 16-digit card number and Account Code (unless you have registered or upgraded your card to reloadable previously). We will then cancel your card and, as long as there’s still an account balance on your card, we’ll send you a replacement card (for a fee). If you have forgotten your Account Code, we can still cancel your card and order a new one, as long as you registered your card before it was lost or stolen.

To arrange for a replacement card, we will need your name, address and email. If you have already registered with us or upgraded your card to reloadable, we will already have your name and address. If not, you will need to provide these details when speaking to Customer Services. You will receive your new card within 7-10 working days and you will receive your new Account Code during this period by email.

What should I do with my card when there is no account balance remaining or when it has expired?

When you have exhausted the funds on your card, you can apply for an upgrade to a reloadable card and, if successful, you will then be able to continue topping-up the funds on your card and using it as normal. If you no longer wish to use the card or it has expired, please destroy it by cutting it in two through the magnetic strip.

If I order my Prime Card online and it is lost in the post, is my money secure?

Yes. No one can use the card until it is activated, and only you will have received the email containing the Account Code needed to activate the card.

How can I send a Prime Card through the post safely?

Prime allows you to send money to family and friends both at home and abroad with the minimum of risk. Register the card online, remove the Account Code sticker from the front of the card and keep it safe. Post the card and, once it has been safely received, ring up to activate the card using the Account Code that only you know. Cheap, secure and simple.

Is there an age restriction on using a Prime Card?

You have to be over 18 to buy the card, but there is no age restriction on its use which means you can buy it as a gift for, say, your 15 year-old cousin, or as an alternative to pocket money for teenagers.

If upgraded, the card can only be used by someone who is aged 13 and over and has been registered to use the upgraded card by their parent or guardian. When buying a card for a young teenager, we recommend it is used with parental guidance. Please read more here about security features relating to cards bought for teenagers.

Can I prevent teenagers from using the Prime Card on unsuitable websites?

Yes. Register the card with us, entering the teenager’s date of birth. If they are under 18, their card will be blocked from buying things at shops and websites on MasterCard’s list of locations deemed unsuitable for children. Click here to find out how to register. This restriction will also be triggered if an adult applies for a reloadable upgrade and selects this specific feature when naming a teenager.

Can I monitor what a teenager buys with their card?

Yes. If you inform the teenager that you will be doing this and have the Account Code and card number, you can view the transaction history online (for free). This will allow you and the teenager to responsibly monitor and manage card purchases.