like a gift voucher but better
  • 1     It can be used wherever you see the MasterCard
           acceptance card.
  • 2     That's at over 25 million outlets online
           and around the world.
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A Prime Card can be used by anyone, all over the world. It makes a perfect gift for family, friends, teenagers, colleagues or customers. It can be bought as easily as a store gift voucher either over-the-counter or online, but it offers much more choice.

For a teenager

A Prime Card is a controlled way to give teenagers their pocket money. As well as being able to use Prime in shops, they’ll now be able to download music and buy books and CDs without using your family debit and credit cards. They can only spend the amount prepaid on the card so they can’t go into debt. What’s more, you can track online how they are spending their money and, if you register their date of birth, you can block their card from being accepted at shops and websites on MasterCard’s list of locations deemed unsuitable for children. For more information about teenage security, visit Parents & Teenagers.

For a traveller

Prime can be used to carry money to spend on goods and services abroad. It can be used to shop in over 24 million outlets worldwide. Either register your card online or keep a note of your Account Code and, in the case of lost or theft, we will send you a replacement card. If you choose to upgrade your card, you will also be able to withdraw funds from your account at over 1 million ATMs worldwide.

For anyone

Unlike a store gift card or paper gift voucher, a Prime Card can be used to buy whatever you want, wherever you want to shop - so it’s a truly welcome gift. A Prime Card also makes a great corporate incentive gift.