Where can I use my Prime Card?

You can use your card at most of the 24 million retail locations displaying the MasterCard acceptance mark, anywhere in the world, as well as online and over the telephone. If you upgrade to a reloadable card, you may also be able to use your card to withdraw cash from over 1 million ATMs worldwide.

How do I make purchases in shops with my Prime Card?

Make sure there’s enough money left on your card to cover the purchase price and the transaction fee. Then, simply present your card and sign the receipt.

Do I need a PIN to make purchases in shops?

Not in the UK. In other countries, you may be asked for a PIN – if so, ask to sign in the usual way.

Can I use my card to purchase over the internet?

Yes. However, some websites require you to enter a name and address to complete an online purchase. In order for your card to work on these sites, you will have to first register a username and address, either online here (at no charge) or via Customer Services on 0870 144 0280 (for a fee of £1). You must then enter exactly the same details when using the card to make a purchase at websites requesting this information – so make sure you don’t forget your exact username. If you apply for a reloadable upgrade, your card will automatically become registered..

How do I buy over the internet using my Prime Card?

When completing your online transaction, select MasterCard as the payment option. You may be asked for the following items:

a) Your name and address. Please enter the username and address you registered with us during the optional registration process.

b) The card number (the 16 digit number on the front of the card)

c) start/valid from date (first date on the front of the card under 'valid thru')

d) The end/expiry date (last date on the front of the card under 'valid thru')

e) The last 3 digits on the signature panel on the reverse of the card, either called CVV, CV2 or Security Code.

Do I need to enter an Issue number when completing an online payment form?

No. This card doesn’t have an Issue number, so just ignore this part of the form.

Can I use my Prime Card to make purchases over the phone?

Yes, but only if you first register a username and address either online here at no charge or via our Customer Services on 0870 144 0280 for a fee of £1.

I have a small amount of money left on my card. Can I spend it?

Some shops won’t accept any credit or debit card purchases for under, say, £5. However, many stores (e.g. some supermarkets) will let you use your card regardless of the value of the transaction. If you wish to top-up the money on your card, you can apply to upgrade to a reloadable card and add funds to spend on larger purchases. Click here for more information. Also, if you have registered your details, you can transfer up to £20 onto a new Prime Card, for a small fee of just £1.

Is there an age restriction on using Prime?

You have to be over 18 to buy the card, but there is no age restriction on its use, which means you can buy it as a gift for, say, your 15 year-old cousin, or give it as an alternative to pocket money. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for a reloadable upgrade, but can specify the details of a teenager who will be eligible to use the card during the application process.

When buying a card for a young teenager, we recommend it is used with parental guidance. Please read more here about security features relating to cards bought for teenagers.