10 great reasons to get a prime card

  • 1     Buy today, activate today, use today
  • 2     Shop safely online and in stores
  • 3     Makes a great gift
  • 4     A card that can't go into debt
  • 5     Control your spending
  • 6     Safer than holiday cash
  • 7     Share money at home or abroad
  • 8     Altemative to pocket money
  • 9     Option to reload and use at ATMs *
  • 10   Get a second card on the same account *

  • * Subject to their application for upgraded services being approved

The Prime Card is ideal for you if:

You want the price benefits of shopping online but don’t have a payment card.

Use the internet to book cheap flights, arrange car hire and book hotels. You can reserve cinema and theatre tickets, download music and ring tones, play online games, join subscription services, pay bills and much, much more. The choice is yours!

You want a card that you can reload again and again and again.

Subject to an upgrade, you can make your Prime Card reloadable - meaning you can top-up the funds in your Prime Card account whenever they are running low. Click here for details.

You need the convenience of a payment card, but don’t have a good credit rating.

We don’t perform any credit checks, which means you can instantly get our prepaid MasterCard no matter what your credit history.

You are worried about ID theft and don’t like sharing your personal details when buying over the internet.

Using Prime means you don’t need to put your family’s finances at risk by providing the personal data attached to regular debit and credit cards.

You want to manage your spending (or someone else’s!).

Prime is the perfect way to do this. You can’t go into debt as you can only spend what you put on the card.

You’d like to give financial gifts to family and friends.

Prime is better than high street gift vouchers as it can be used anywhere in the world that accepts MasterCard, including the internet. You can also use it as a great and safer way to give pocket money.  more>>

You want a secure way to manage your holiday money.

As Prime is accepted worldwide wherever you see the MasterCard acceptance mark, it is an excellent way to take holiday money abroad and is much safer than cash in your wallet.

You want to send money home or abroad to friends
and family.

With Prime, you can send money abroad safely as long as you follow the correct procedure.

You want a simple way to reward staff, clients or customers.

Prime is a great way to encourage and reward staff. It is also an efficient way to manage staff expenses.  more>>