How do I return an unused card or reclaim an outstanding account balance from my card?

If you have bought a card in a shop and the pack is still unopened, you may be able to return the pack to the shop for a full refund from the retailer. This will be at the retailer’s discretion. If the retailer will not offer you a refund, or if you would like to return a card bought from the Prime website, or if you want to reclaim an outstanding account balance on a used card, you will need to follow these steps:

1) Make sure you have activated your card. (If the pack is unopened, you will need to open the pack and use the Account Code to activate the card.)

2) Call our Customer Services on 0870 144 0280 quoting your Account Code and 16-digit card number, informing them of your wish to reclaim funds. Customer Services will then suspend your card and ask for your name and address.

3) Write to us at Customer Services, IDT Financial Services Limited, PO Box 1374, Gibraltar, confirming your request. Quote your card number and enclose a photocopy of your passport (on the picture page) and a copy of a recent (less than 3 months old) utility bill showing your name and address. Each document must be certified as being a true copy of the original by a suitable professional (for example; a lawyer, accountant, teacher, doctor, police officer, post office official, chemist, local government officer), providing his/her own contact details.

Once we receive this information, any remaining funds in your account will be reimbursed to you. We reserve the right to contact you where appropriate, and to charge you for all transactions made with the card and applicable fees. A £5 account balance reclaim fee will be applied. See terms and conditions for full details.

What happens if money is taken from my card for a purchase I didn’t make?

If you believe your card has been used for an unauthorised or incorrect transaction, you can claim for a refund by phoning Customer Services on 0870 144 0280 or by writing to us within 14 days, with receipts if you can. If your claim is justified, we will credit the transaction amount back to your account.

Can a store refuse to accept my card because it has no Chip or PIN?

Not in the UK. Cards do not need to have a chip on them and retailers must accept all cards, even those without chips. However, in some countries, for example the USA, PINs are used for even non-chip cards. Explain that no PIN was issued with this UK prepaid MasterCard and ask to sign in the usual way.

Why is my card not working at a petrol station?

Prime Cards will not work at 'pay at pump' facilities. However, your card should be accepted at the forecourt kiosk if it accepts MasterCard.

My Prime Card is not being accepted. Why?

Check whether it could be any of these reasons:

• You haven’t activated your card. To do so, please call freephone 0800 458 7150 with your Prime Card number and Account Code ready.

• A Prime Card cannot be used on old-style manual imprint machines and may not be accepted whilst travelling on planes and trains.

• You registered a date of birth that implies you are under 18, so your card is blocked at ‘unsuitable’ websites and retailers.

• You are trying to make a purchase on a website that requires you to enter a name and address, but have not first registered a username and address with us. Registering your card couldn’t be simpler and only takes a few seconds to complete.

• The location where you are trying to make a purchase does not accept MasterCard payment cards.

• You are trying to make a purchase at a bank or financial institution that also pays out cash. As cash-back is not supported by this card, all purchases from such locations have been blocked.

• You don’t have enough money left on the card. You can check your account balance at any time online or by calling Customer Services on 0870 144 0280.

What is a pre-authorisation?

A pre-authorisation is when a merchant reserves funds on your card to ensure payment of services. Often, this is done by restaurants, hotels and car rental outlets. For example, a restaurant may pre-authorise a set amount when you open a tab at the bar. If your final bill is less than the pre-authorised amount, then they will refund the difference to your account. However, they may not always do this straight away. The refund may take place up to several days later.

Why is my account balance sometimes different from the money that should be available on the card?

If a merchant has carried out a pre-authorisation (see above), and reserved more funds from your card than you actually spent, your account balance may appear lower than it should for a few days until they refund the money they owe you.

What happens if I need to return an item I bought with my Prime Card?

The retailer will handle the return according to their normal refund policy.