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Escaping student debt with a "prepaid mentality".
GRAD MAG, Winter 2007

How to avoid festival Pre-pay your way to ebay
The People, 2 December 07

How to avoid festival fraudsters.
The Telegraph, 19 November 2007

Pre-paid card outfit IDT Finance to deploy GB KYC technology.
Finextra, 19 October 2007

Eliminate Your Overdraft with the IDT Prime Card.
The Student Times, 25 September 2007

IDT Finance launches pre-paid MasterCard range.
Finextra, 12
September 2007

Concern over online fraud prevents 56% of the UK from buying online.
Retail Bulletin, 22 August 2007

Pre-paid credit cards to combat risk of ID theft.
Personal Computer World, 13 April 2007

Pre paid plastic its the future.
The Sun, 30 March 2007

Cheap online deals

As easy as buying a bar of chocolate

Online fraud concerns

West End launch

Perfect for the migrant community