A Prime Card can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. It makes a perfect gift for family, friends, teenagers, colleagues or customers. It can be bought as easily as a gift voucher, either over-the-counter or online - but it offers much more choice than a gift voucher, as it can be used to shop wherever you see the MasterCard acceptance mark, not just in one type of shop. MasterCard is accepted at over 24 million stores around the world!

And now, you also have the opportunity to personalise your Prime Card. Simply choose from the list of personalised messages, select the amount of money you want loaded onto the card and order it online now. It’s that easy.

This service is available exclusively to online customers and is free of charge. You can order up to 5 cards online and have the option to personalise all of them. Your card(s) will be delivered to you in 7-10 working days and the message will appear on the bottom line of the card – please see examples below.

Happy Birthday
Happy Anniversary
Best Wishes
Good Luck
Thank You
I Love You
From Me To You
Remember Me
Show Me The Money
You The Boss!
Girl Power!
Groovy Baby!
I’m Too Sexy
Make My Day, Punk
Follow The Money