Buying a Prime Card is as easy as buying a bar of chocolate. That's what's so unique about it. You can buy it over-the-counter today and use it instantly, or you can buy it online now and we will send it to you within 7-10 working days. There's no other card like it.

10 great reasons to get a prime card

  • 1     Buy today, activate today, use today
  • 2     Shop safely online and in stores
  • 3     Makes a great gift
  • 4     A card that can't go into debt
  • 5     Control your spending
  • 6     Safer than holiday cash
  • 7     Share money at home or abroad
  • 8     Altemative to pocket money
  • 9     Option to reload and use at ATMs *
  • 10   Get a second card on the same account *

  • * Subject to their application for upgraded services being approved