Can my 13-year-old son buy a Prime Card?

No, but you can buy him one as a gift. We have instructed our retailers not to sell Prime Cards to anyone under 18, but you can use one with parental guidance if you are aged 13 or over and have received it as a gift. You can also apply to upgrade a Prime Card to reloadable and allow a teenager to use it, again, with the necessary parental guidance. You must be their parent or legal guardian and register them on your account.

Can I prevent teenagers from using the Prime Card on unsuitable websites?

Yes. Register the card with us, entering the teenager's date of birth. If they are under 18, their card will be blocked from buying things at shops and websites on our list of locations deemed unsuitable for children. Click here to find out how to register. If you decide to upgrade your Prime Card to reloadable and you specify that a teenager will be using the upgraded card, the blocking described above will automatically be applied.

Will blocking automatically happen for a teenager on an upgraded reloadable card?

Yes. If you tick the box on the reloadable upgrade application form which states that the upgraded card will be used by a teenager, we will automatically apply this feature.

If I indicate that my upgraded card will be used by a teenager and I then decide to order a second card for my account, will the second card also be blocked at shops and websites on the list of locations deemed unsuitable for children?

Yes. The blocking will apply to both upgraded cards.

Can I monitor what my teenager buys with their card?

Yes. By using the 16-digit Prime Card number and 4-digit Account Code, you can view the Prime Card transaction history online (for free). This will allow you and your teenager to responsibly monitor and manage card purchases.