Buy a Prime Card immediately from a shop near you.
You can buy a Prime Card at thousands of high street stores displaying the PayPoint or e-pay sign.

Cards are also available at Martin McColl newsagents, Rippleglen stores and Total petrol stations.

There's a store on almost every high street up and down the UK.

Why buy over-the-counter?

It's quick, easy and instant – no documents, credit checks or bank account needed, and no forms to fill in. You can buy it today and start using it instantly.

How do I buy my card?

Simply ask for a Prime Card in the shop, and say how much money you want to put onto it. This must be an amount between £10 and £150 (in £5 increments up to £50 and £10 increments thereafter). You'll be asked to pay this amount, plus a one-off £3 card fee.


In return for your payment, you'll be given a pack containing your card, all the information you need, and a receipt.