The Prime Card is ideal for you if you are security conscious:

You do not need to provide any personal details to buy or start using a Prime Card.

Should you opt to register your card and provide us with a username and address, your card and username will not link in any way to your existing banking services. So you don't need to put your family's finances at risk by providing the personal data attached to regular debit and credit cards.

Should your card be lost or stolen, the most that you would risk is the value prepaid onto your card.

We recommend the following safety tips:

•  Don 't share your 4-digit Account Code with anyone and, if you do need to write it down, keep it in a separate place from your Prime Card.


•  Write down the 16-digit card number appearing on the front of your card. You will need this number if you wish to report a lost or stolen card.

•  For added security, we recommend you register your details with us when you buy your card. This provides more protection if your card is lost or stolen.

•  If you have upgraded your Prime Card and have been issued with a PIN, you should either memorise or securely record the number. If you wish to transmit your PIN to a second cardholder, this should be done discreetly.

•  If your Prime Card account is shared with a second cardholder, it is the responsibility of the primary cardholder to maintain the secure nature of the account. For this reason, the Account Code should not be shared.

What if your card is lost or stolen?

If your card has been lost or stolen, call Customer Services, quote your unique Account Code and the 16-digit card number, and we will put a stop on the card. We can then make the necessary arrangements to send you a replacement card.

If you order your card online and it's lost in the post, your money is safe. No one can activate the card without the Account Code and this is emailed to you only.

A Prime Card can also be sent to family and friends at home or abroad with the minimum of risk. For more information on how to send a Prime Card safely through the post, please click here.