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If you are not yet selling Prime, but have an PayPoint or epay terminal, then it really couldn't be easier to start earning generous commissions. Order your stock today and you will be ready to sell Prime in a matter of days. For more information please call us on freephone 0808 168 3545.

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10 things you need to know about our prime cards
  • 1     It's the only instant prepaid MasterCard.
           (Buy it today and use it immediately)
  • 2     Customers can get a card NOW with no forms,
           no wait, no fuss. It's so simple
  • 3     Customers can later upgrade their card* making it
           reloadable (with a maximum card balance
           of £5,000)
  • 4     Upgraded cards can be used at ATM machines
  • 5     When selling a new PrimeCard pack, you can load
           up to £150
  • 6     When reloading an upgraded PrimeCard,
           you can load up to £500 per top up (if you are
           a PayPoint retailer) or £150 per top up (if you are
           an e-pay retailer)
  • 7     Cards must only be sold to those over 18
  • 8     Cards that have not been upgraded by the
           customer cannot be reloaded
  • 9     Cards may only be reloaded twice per day
  • 10    You get great commissions every time you sell
            a card AND every time you top up a card

          *Subject to their application for upgraded
           services being approved


Prime Payment Card IDT prime card For Everyone, Instantly ™
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The Prime Payment Card is issued by IDT Financial Services pursuant to license from MasterCard® International Incorporated
IDT Finance is regulated by the the Financial Services Commission (FSC)
and is a member of the Electronic Money Association (EMA)