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Prime for The People!

Having a Prime Card doesn’t depend on your previous financial history, where you are from, or a bank account. Anyone* over 13 can have one (*sorry younger readers - you need to be over the age of 13 to use and over 18 to buy one). You can order one now, online, or buy it at the corner shop. Over 6,000 shops in the UK will be glad to help. See Store Locator for details of your nearest supplier.

Prime Time

  • Prime is ideal for online shopping. Prime gives you a safe alternative for online shopping as it is not linked to any potentially vulnerable bank account. And it’s chip and PIN protected
  • Prime - it's more useful than cash. You can use it to shop online and anywhere in the world that’s part of the MasterCard® global network
  • With Prime, you have instant access to the UK ATM cashpoint network

Why Prime

Prime - it’s everything that our customers said they wanted in a pre-paid payment card

  • It’s easy to get. You can order online now
  • It’s easy and safe to use for online shopping - it’s not linked to a bank account
  • It’s ideal for managing your money. Your limits, your budgets, your peace-of-mind
  • It’s chip and PIN protectedPrime Location
  • A Prime Card gives you ATM cashpoint access in the UK
  • You can shop anywhere you want that’s part of the MasterCard® global network
  • You can buy online or from any of about 6,000 high street locations (see Store Locator)
  • You can top up at any Post Office Buying a Prime Card

The easiest way to get you Prime Card is to complete a short form online, and we will send you your card within 7 working days. No ID checks, no credit checks, no hassle. Or buy a Prime Card from one of over 6000 locations in our retail network across the country just as if you were buying a mobile phone card. You can find the nearest using our Store Locator.

Buy in A ShopIf you don't have a credit card, no problem - pay with cash at either your nearest Post Office, or one of the 5,000 shops across the country with a Pay Point or epay sign. There is an over-the-counter limit of £400, going up from £10 minimum. And you can re-load your card so you always have Prime card ready to use.


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