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What are the benefits of upgrading my card to reloadable?
For just £1.95, we will upgrade your existing card, allowing you to reload it with up to £500 per top-up, again and again and again. Assuming your application is successful, you will also be able to use the card to withdraw cash at any ATM worldwide displaying the MasterCard® acceptance mark.

How do I upgrade my card and how long will it take?
Complete and submit the form which can be found here. You will be sent an email within 5 working days to inform you of the outcome of your application.

The most hassle-free and convenient method for you to apply for a reloadable upgrade is via our website at Alternatively, you can fill in a form and post it to us. You can print this form from our website under the "Apply now by post" option.

Yes. If you have just purchased a card and wish to make it reloadable straight away, you must first call freephone 0800 458 7150 and activate the card. You can then submit your application for a reloadable upgrade.

Will my application for an upgrade be successful?
When applying for an upgrade, we will ask you to supply information about your ID. If we can verify all of your ID, your application will be successful. In some cases, we may require further documentation from you.

What happens if my application for an upgrade is unsuccessful?
If your upgrade application is unsuccessful, this will not have any impact on your existing Prime Card and you will not incur a fee for the process. You can carry on using the card as you had been doing previously. In such a case, we strongly encourage you to submit certified documentation as described in the postal application option. Please note that the information you submitted when applying will replace any previous registered details.

Will you perform a credit check when I apply for an upgrade?
No. We do not perform any credit checks for Prime Card purchases or Prime Card reloadable upgrades.

How much does it cost to upgrade my card?
It costs £1.95 to upgrade your card. If you wish to order a second card, there will be an additional £5 fee (i.e. a total upgrade fee of £6.95). The amounts will be deducted from your Prime Card balance. If your upgrade request is unsuccessful you will not be charged.

Is there a minimum balance I am required to have on my Prime Card to perform an upgrade?
Yes. You will need to have enough funds to cover the upgrade fee, which is £1.95. If you are also ordering a second card, the fee is £6.95 so you will need to have this amount on your card.

My card will expire soon. Can I get a replacement card with a new expiry date?
A few weeks before your card expires you should call us explaining the situation and specifically request a replacement card

Do I need to be over 18 to upgrade my card?
For security reasons, a parent or guardian of over 18 years of age will need to carry out the upgrade application on your behalf and name you on the card account.


Can I also get a second card?
Yes. When you upgrade, you may wish to order a second card on your existing account for which there will be an additional £5 fee (i.e. a total upgrade fee of £6.95).

Why would I want a second card?
There are two reasons why you might want a second card: (1) We can personalise your second card, printing your name on the front. (2) You may want a send a card to a friend or relative at home or abroad. You will be able to use the first card to load money onto the account, and they will be able to withdraw the money at an ATM or use their card to make purchases online or at over 24 million locations worldwide.

Is there a risk attached to having a second card sent out?
To protect yourself from financial loss, you should keep a low balance on your card until you have received your new second card. As this new card is identical to your old card we are unable to suspend it without suspending both cards. If you wish, you can request that Customer Services suspends both cards until you receive your second card and notify us to activate your cards again.

If I have ordered a second card, when will it arrive?
You should receive your second Prime Card within 14 days of your upgrade being approved. In most cases you will receive it within 7-9 days.

If I have been sent a second card, can I still use my original card?
When applying for a second card, we will ask you if you intend to use that second card for yourself or to allow someone else to share your account. If you informed us that you will be sharing your account with someone else, you must retain the old card for yourself and it will continue to work, sharing the same account and funds as the new card. However, if you alone will be using your Prime Card account, you must destroy the old card by cutting it in two upon receipt of your new second card.

Do I need to activate my new card upon receipt?
Where a second card is sent out, no activation is required. However, where a lost/stolen replacement card is sent out, activation is required.

Will my new second card have a name printed on it?
When you apply for your upgrade you will be required to enter the name of the person who will be bearing the card. The name entered will be printed at the bottom left-hand corner of your new card.

Will my new second card have the same card number and expiry date as the first?
Yes, where you have ordered a second card on the same account it will have the same card number and expiry date. However, when your card is a few weeks away from expiry you may specifically request a replacement card with an expiry date 3 years from date of order. Please contact Customer Services on 0870 144 0289 if you wish to do so.

I’m a second cardholder and I want to make a purchase online. The website is asking me to enter an address as part of the purchase process. What address do I use?
If the website asks for just one address, please use the address most recently registered with IDT Prime by the Primary cardholder. If the website asks for a billing address and a delivery address, please use the address most recently registered with IDT Prime as the correspondence address, and an address of your choice for delivery.


When applying for an upgrade, we will ask you to supply information about your ID. If we can verify all of your ID, your application will be successful and you can immediately start reloading your existing card and using it to withdraw cash from ATMs.

How will I receive my PIN?
When purchasing your card at a retailer store, the PIN will be printed on the inside of the card pack. Cards purchased online will have the PIN shipped to the address registered with the card.

If you have not ordered a second card, you will receive your PIN enclosed within a secure letter, which is specifically designed to carry sensitive bank data.

Similarly, if you have ordered a second card, your PIN will also be enclosed within a secure letter. This will be posted to you separately from your second card.

Once you receive this letter, we recommend that you memorise your PIN and destroy the letter. If you need to write your PIN down to help you remember it, please do so in a secure and disguised manner.

Your PIN is for cash withdrawal and your Account Code (received when purchasing your old card) is used for accessing your account. An Account Code change facility can be found at if, for instance, you wish to make the two identical.

Can I change my PIN?
Yes, you can change your PIN at an ATM.

What is the fee to use an ATM and how much can I withdraw per day?
A fee of 75p will be levied for ATM withdrawals in the UK, and £1.50 for ATM withdrawals made abroad. You can withdraw a maximum of £500 per day (on an upgraded card) of your funds from your Prime Card account.


Once I have upgraded my card, how much can I load onto it?
If your upgrade application is fully successful, you can immediately start reloading your existing card with up to £500 per load, with up to £5,000 on the card at any one time, and an annual limit of £25,000.

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