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IDT turns conventional banking on its head, as UK’s first instant-issue prepaid MasterCard® debuts in London’s West End.

“No Forms, No Fuss” Prime Card gives benefits of plastic to everyone.

London, UK, 18 December 2006: IDT, a leading provider of prepaid cards, is announcing the launch of its Prime Card in London’s West End.

The Prime Card is the UK’s first instant-issue, prepaid MasterCard card, which can be purchased over-the-counter in participating PayPoint retailers with “no forms and no fuss”. The Prime Card can be used to make purchases both in-store and online, wherever MasterCard® is accepted.

To celebrate Prime Card’s West End launch, IDT’s alternative bankers are pounding Regent and Oxford Street promoting the card with a special introductory offer. Anyone who buys a Prime Card between 16th and 25th December 2006 will be reimbursed the £3 purchase fee – making the Prime Card an even more attractive gift for Christmas.

IDT is rewriting conventional banking with the launch of the Prime Card. Any consumer can now, for the first time, buy plastic over the counter like they would a chocolate bar. Forget burdensome application forms, identification documents that are hard to obtain and lengthy decision times. Pick up plastic today.

“At one time, financial products were only available through banks. Then the big supermarket chains got involved. And now, with the Prime Card, high-street newsagents can sell financial products over-the-counter to their customers.” commented Benny Last, Managing Director of IDT Europe.

Prime Card has broad appeal for consumers:

  • Gives the benefits of plastic to the “unbanked” and migrant communities
  • Versatile gift card, accepted everywhere and safer than giving cash
  • A safe and secure way for parents to give their children pocket money
  • Reduced risk of identity theft, as card is disposable

The Prime Card is currently available for sale to adults over 18, but there are no age restrictions on use. The card can be loaded on purchase with a value between £10 and £150 (in £5 increments). There is a £3 fee to purchase a card, which IDT is refunding on all sales made between 16th and 24th December, and per-transaction fees apply.

Prime Cards can also be purchased on-line at When purchased online, the card can be loaded with up to £500. Users can choose to register their card online or via Customer Services if they wish to track their transaction history, check their balance and recover balances in case of loss. Many shopping websites require users to enter a name and address when making card purchases. Users may choose to register a name and address with IDT Finance prior to such purchases.


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