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IDT Financial Services is uniquely placed within the prepaid card management and issuance industry.

It is uniquely placed because unlike most other players, it is not only a fully regulated bank (and Principle Member of MasterCard, issuing cards and BIN numbers in its own right), but also shares 15 years of global group experience as a non-financial institution engaged in the development, production and sales of consumer products that are distributed across the non-financial retail sector.

IDT Financial Services are working with a number of partners looking for sponsored BIN ranges, white-labelled cards, and other prepaid card management services.

If you are interested in speaking to us about such services, please call
+350 79616 or send an email to [email protected].

Why partner with IDT Financial Services

  • Access to additional revenues, and to a potentially lucrative customer base.
  • IDT’s position as the world’s most successful pre-paid calling card supplier has given IDT over fifteen years of pre-paid account and transaction management experience – expertise that has been re-invested into the development of a pre-paid technology platform capable of administering millions of transactions per year.
  • We sell more product lines and product units to the unbanked market than possibly any other consumer product provider. (350 different pre-paid products sold in Europe alone. 400 million pre-paid cards sold globally in 2005.)
  • We employ over 45 customer service agents to handle calls in 25 different languages across Europe. Our IVR has a choice of 40+ languages as well as handling over 50 different currencies.
  • We exploit the full range of advertising media relevant to our products and will continue to make all of our brands the most well-recognised in this space.
  • With over 15 years experience distributing and marketing prepaid solutions across the world, the IDT group is uniquely placed to market these products – utilising, where relevant, its complex networks of regional distributors.
  • IDT Financial Services will offer its range of pre-paid card products across Europe as a fully licensed bank and with approvals from all relevant country-specific regulatory bodies. As a licensed bank, IDT is a Principal Member of MasterCard International and issues cards in its own right.
  • As a regulated financial services company in Europe, IDT will employ a comprehensive, best-practice, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy in full compliance with all relevant EU AML Directives and jurisdictional interpretations, operating comprehensive data trend analysis, and fraud detection operations.

To be a part of the pre-paid future, call IDT Financial Services on +350 79616
or email [email protected].


IDT Financial Services Limited is licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission, under the Banking Ordinance 1992. Ultimate Holding Company: IDT Corporation, listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:IDT, IDT.C); a US incorporated Company
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